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- - post responsibility
Mainly engaged in computer, mobile phone accessories assembly, packaging, sorting, scanning, labeling and other simple and easy work, easy to use, no work experience, wearing ordinary clothes to work, all work positions
-- [job requirements] --
1, age 16 to 45 years of age; education is not limited; any work experience can be, (paid training)
2, healthy, able to bear hardships and stand hard work;
3. An ID card (temporary ID card) is available for a person's validity period.
All those who meet the above requirements will be recruited.
- - [formal treatment]
1: consolidated wages:
1, the base salary is 2200-3120 yuan, according to the working hours. The average overtime is 1.5 times (19.2 yuan an hour), weekend overtime (25.5 yuan an hour), and about 4500-5800 yuan a month.
2. Five days a week, eight hours a week (8:00-17:00), overtime with personal wishes (more work, more pay), every month on the 10th punctual wage, no pressure on wages.
3. Working 2-3 hours overtime on weekdays, 1.5 times overtime on weekdays, 2 times on Sundays and 3 times on holidays (4-5 days off per month)
- - hourly treatment
21-24 yuan / hour, 200-264 yuan / day, a monthly income of 4500-6200 yuan.
Characteristics: short term wage is high, flexible and variable, leaving 3 days ahead of time, leaving wages. Pay 7-15 every month.
Because it is the peak season now. Overtime is much more. The average time is about 10-11 hours a day.
Overtime is free; as long as you are willing to work overtime, you can work 300 to 330 hours per month.
- ---- clothing, food and shelter.
Clothing - 2 sets of work clothes, 2 pairs of work shoes and work articles are provided free of charge.
Food - free 3 meals a day (standard meal) lunch, dinner standard, sumptuous!
Residence - The company offers four-bedroom apartment, 24-hour hot water, WIFI, separate bathroom, air conditioning and laundry.
All workers in the factory will be sent to and from the factory free of charge.
[factory welfare] - ----
Free meals and accommodation, free meals and free supplies.
It is free to provide 3 meals a day (standard food), with varied tastes and rich dishes.
The company offers 4 apartments, 24 hour hot water, WIFI, independent bathroom, air conditioning and laundry.
Outside the factory staff, the whole range of free shuttle bus to and from work.
Entry can choose whether to buy social security + five risks one gold.
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